Look vibrant and stunning

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Look vibrant and stunning

Getting your concrete to look vibrant and stunning

Are you tired of your concrete looking dull and unappealing. Even if you have new stamped colored concrete or old gray concrete we have the sealers that will bring back that long lasting investment. First, all of our sealers have the requirement for Colorado and that is UV protection. This is a must because the sun can dull your concrete over time without it. Secondly, you must have the correct solid content, both our US-SPEC CS-25 and High Gloss BRS-25 has 25% solids necessary to cover your floor and protect it from the attacks that will undergo.  If you don’t like the odor of the solvent base sealers we also have water based options also.


BRS-25 link: https://www.usspec.com/products/product/brs-25/

CS-25 Link: https://www.usspec.com/products/product/cs-25-1315/

Roca Seal: https://www.usspec.com/products/product/rocaseal/



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